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Midwest Chapter Representatives


Steve GfellSteve Gfell
Vice-Chairman of the Board
15 Stores in Ohio
Term Expires:  May 2017

Born and raised in Norwalk, Ohio.  Married to Nancy, 18 years with 2 children, Abigail (12) and Thomas (11).

Steve started with Domino’s Pizza in 1987 in the Norwalk store eventually franchising in 1992.  Presently has 15 stores throughout north central Ohio including 4 theatre new builds and 4 remodels.  Steve serves on the Midwest regional advisory board, is a Gold Franny winner and the board of directors for the Cleveland Co-Op.

» Why do you choose to serve on the DFA board?
I believe the franchise body benefits greatly from the unified voice of its peers.  My desire is to hear all issues and concerns that you may have and to deliberate them with the other board members to create solutions and options that will best satisfy the majority. Even if those solutions or options may differ from my personal beliefs.  It is the whole that counts and not the part.


John GlassJohn Glass
25 Stores in Ohio
Term Expires:  May 2016

John started with Domino’s Pizza in 1982 as a driver and worked his way up through the ranks until becoming the VP of operations for Pat McNeil.  John decided to become a Franchisee in 1996 with the purchase of the original Domino’s Pizza store opened in Cincinnati, OH.  John currently owns and operates 25 stores in the Cincinnati DMA which range in demographics from inner city to high income as well as college campus to small rural stores.  John’s address counts range from 2,000 to 25,000 addresses which gives him a real world experience on a wide variety of factors facing Franchisees across our system.  John currently sits on the Midwest Advisory Board and serves as Co-op president for his area.  John is very active in various children charities and church work.

» Why do you choose to serve on the DFA Board?
I chose to serve on the board to learn what I can, to network with the best and hopefully influence the direction, procedures and decisions that I can.

» Which resources do you recommend Franchisees utilize to benefit their business?
I think that franchisees get the most out of the DFA by going to meetings and networking.


Bill GravesBill Graves
Secretary of the Board

Based in Minnesota with 100-stores in Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, North & South Dakota, Wisconsin and West Virginia
Term Expires:  May 2015

Bill started as a Domino’s Pizza driver in 1981 with Mike Conway, only to become a Franchisee some four years later in the small town of Willmar, MN. He now operate 94 stores in nine states under the parent company of Dough Management, Inc.   He operates their stores with the help of Dave Randall in Minnesota, Randy and Heidi Halberg in Wisconsin, and Dennis Denman in West Virginia, all operating partners in different areas. In addition to serving on the DFA Board, Bill serves or has served on several other DPLLC boards and committees. Currently, he serves on the Forum Board and the Willmar Airport Relocation Committee.

Bill and his wife Susan have six children. In addition to everything else, Bill is also a part-time “bus driver” with all the activities of the six children.

» Why do you choose to serve on the DFA Board?
Bill’s reason for being on and associated with the DFA Board is for unity. He believes that we need to work to get the membership level to 90-100% and send a message to DPLLC that we stand unified in the support of the organization. He believes that although we may not always agree with every issue that comes along, we work as a group to look after the best interest of Domino’s Pizza as a whole and we need to do this through strong membership.

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East Chapter Representatives


Rob JonasRob Jonas
1 store in New Jersey
Term expires:  May 2017

Rob started with Domino’s Pizza in 1994 as a driver.  He worked his way up through management and was a successful General Manager in New Jersey (managing 3 different stores for Team USA).  In 2001, Rob was promoted to the OER Team, where he was a Coach in the Mid Atlantic Region.  During his 7 years with the department, he visited close to 1000 stores a year in 25 different states.  Rob was a District Manager from 2006-2007 in NJ, NY and PA until he and wife Adelia, purchased their single store in 2008.  In 2010, the store was awarded with Manager of the Year, with the award going to his wife Adelia.  Robert is very active in the Philadelphia DMA, acting as a certified trainer, he donates his time to help train others in the region.  Robert and his wife both serve on many local charity and community organizational boards.


Chris ReischChris Reisch
7-stores in Kentucky
Term Expires:  May 2016

Chris started with Domino’s Pizza in 1992 as a delivery driver with Team Washington.  In 1996, he was named the National Safe Driver of the Year, a manager in 1998, a supervisor in 2001 and finally a Franchisee of 2 stores. Chris now has 7 stores and has won two Gold Franny Awards in 2005 and 2006.  He has served as the Lexington DMA President for 3 years, as well as serving on Jim Stansik’s FLC for 2 years.  Chris is currently on the Kentucky Distribution Center Advisory Board.

Chris has been happily married to Deanna since 1990 and has 3 children – Christian II (10), Isabella (8), and Juliet (5).

» Why do you choose to serve on the DFA Board?
When Chris franchised years ago, he was a very good operator, but had to learn the hard way how to be a good businessman.  He survived with the advice of many great Franchisees and would now like to give back and help others to avoid the mistakes and pitfalls he encountered since becoming a Franchisee.  Serving on the DFA board allows me to be available to help others.

» Which resources do you recommend Franchisees utilize to benefit their business?
Each other.  No matter what Franchisees face, there is someone in the system who has gone through it and can give invaluable help and advice.  There is real strength in collective knowledge.


Rob RivardRob Rivard
20-stores in Boston
Term expires:  May 2015

Rob has been with Domino’s since 1987 when he managed corporate and franchise stores before becoming a Franchisee in 1994.  He is a long-time board member of the Boston DMA and past Gold Franny winner.  His stores average over $21,000 AWUS, with one store in the Top Ten of U.S. Sales.  Rob has increased his sales and profits since 2008, while improving his OER scores and service with lower labor.

Rob is married with 3 children and has helped several GMs become Franchisees.

» Who do you chose to serve on the DFA Board?
Rob has chosen to serve to help the DFA be a strong voice for 90% of the Franchisees and to help align the visions of DPLLC and DFA.

» Which resources do you recommend Franchisees utilize to benefit their business?
Rob says our Franchisees’ collective knowledge and willingness to help each other is what sets this system apart from independent operators.  The DFA continues to improve communications making that knowledge immediately accessible.  The vendor partnerships are valuable and will be far greater once they have the negotiating power of over 4,000 stores.  Rob believes the DFA and DPLLC must work together to provide a sustainable competitive advantage.  Franchisees are the backbone of the brand and the long-term success of Domino’s Pizza requires these Franchisees to be strong and successful.

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South Chapter Representatives


Peter D'Andrea

Peter D’Andrea
15 Stores in Tennessee & Virginia
Term Expires:  May 2016

Peter has been with Domino’s since 2002 where he served 3 years as a Franchise Regional Manager winning 2 regional manager of the year awards.  He then served 2 years as a director of development for the Southeast Region.  Peter has been a Franchisee since February of 2008. Peter works closely with Children’s Hospital Dream Connection, for terminally ill children.  He is also a strong supporter of the University of Tennessee Athletics.

» Why do you choose to serve on the board? 
I chose to serve on the DFA Board to represent franchisees like myself who love Domino’s Pizza.   I want to maximize every opportunity available to further our businesses through understanding and cooperation with Domino’s.  Realizing our interests run parallel, and sometimes will collide, I want to protect our bottom line always….

» Which resources do you recommend Franchisees utilize to benefit their business?
The most important tool I use is PWR.  It allows my team and I the opportunity to run my business in real time. Coupled with cameras in every store for security and training… the opportunities are invaluable.


Brent Medders

Brent Medders
20-stores in Arkansas
Term Expires:  May 2015

Brent began as a driver in 1981 in Athens, GA for Mike Conway while attending the University of Georgia.  He served as manager, supervisor, and director of operations before buying his first store in Charlotte, NC.  He proceeded to build 3 additional stores, but sold them 3 years later.   He then served as Regional Director of Training for corporate for two years, before franchising again with two new builds in south central Tennessee.  Three years later, Brent sold these two stores to re-develop the Little Rock market.  He has now been in Arkansas for 19 years and after successfully developing central Arkansas, has moved on to re-develop northwest Arkansas.  He has owned and operated 30 stores in his career, and currently has 10.

Brent has been married to my wife, Laura, for 21 years and has 4 children; Cole, who attends Baylor University, Shelby, who is a high school junior, Lucy, who is 7, and Brandon, who is 3.

» Why do you choose to serve on the board?
Brent has been extremely fortunate to work for, and alongside, many outstanding individuals and high level operators.  He serves in order to pass along the knowledge and insight he’s gleaned through these relationships to others in the franchise community.   Additionally, his business is changing at a faster pace than at any other time in history, and it is vital the franchise community be unified and informed.  Ultimately, protecting the integrity of the Brand comes first… whether that be locking arms with DPLLC, or vigorously voicing concerns when necessary.

» Which resources do you recommend Franchisees utilize to benefit their business?
The franchise community is by far the most valuable resource we have.  Involvement in the DFA and participation in DMA meetings, town meetings, rallys, etc. are but a few of the ways to continuously connect with fellow Franchisees.  He recommends that you pro-actively reach out and seek out fellow Franchisees when faced with difficult challenges or in search of innovative solutions.


Alan MurphAlan Murph
Treasurer of the Board
66-stores in San Antonio & Tennessee
Term Expires:  May 2017

Alan is President and CEO of South Texas Pizza, Inc.  In 1983, he started with Domino’s while attending University of North Texas in Denton.  While working for Jim Garner in Plano, Alan fell in love with Domino’s Pizza and in 1985 went to work for DPLLC.  In November 1987, he franchised his first store in San Marcos TX.

Currently, Alan owns and operates 40 stores in San Antonio.  Alan and his wife, Michelle, met at Domino’s Pizza during the rush and have four children:  Rachel, Derek, Moriah, and Benjamin.  Alan and Michelle enjoy working outside, watching classic movies and spending time with their kids and friends.

» Why do you choose to serve on the DFA Board?
Serving on the DFA Board is an honor, as he gets to represent the franchisees in the West Chapter and enjoys learning and helping others.

» Which resources do you recommend Franchisees utilize to benefit their business?
The greatest resources are each other.  Every Franchisee has great ideas to share and can learn from one another.

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West Chapter Representatives


Mike BrownMike Brown
8-stores in Seattle
Office 253.474.483 | Cell 253.468.8557 | mbrown8582@aol.com
Term Expires:  May 2015

Mike and his family settled in Tacoma, Washington in 1980 after moving around the world with his father as a military brat.  He has been married for 26 years with two children which have graduated from college and now manage stores.  Mike enjoys sports, camping, hiking, traveling and, most of all, drag racing his 1970 Nova.

» Why do you choose to serve on the DFA Board?
Mike enjoys networking and sharing with other Franchisees and managers.  He believes many people have stepped up to make this a great company over the years and he wants to pay it forward in thanks to the many great Franchisees which have served before him.

» Which resources do you recommend Franchisees utilize to benefit their business?
Network within the Domino’s Pizza family.  He recommends Franchisees join the DFA, attend DMA meetings, rallys, training classes, or any other chance to network with fellow Franchisees.  He says this group of Franchisees have a wealth of knowledge about the business which will benefit each other.


Jim Gerety

Jim Gerety
Chairman of the Board
Based in Midland, TX with 13-stores in Texas
Term Expires:  May 2016

Jim Gerety started with Domino’s Pizza Distribution in 1982 as a General Manager. He began in Southern California before moved on to Hawaii, Washington and Colorado.   He left the company in 1985 and returned in 1988 as a General Manager for Roger Cohn’s commissary in Tucson, AZ. In 1999, he partnered with Roger Cohn and franchised in Midland/Odessa, TX.

Jim is married to Cassie, who serves as Operations Director and partner in the business.  He has two daughters, Katie, 26 and Christine, 23, as well as 3 stepchildren.  Jim enjoys riding his 2011 Harley-Davidson Road Glide, 2008 Victory Vision and 2006 Honda Goldwing.

» Why do you choose to serve on the DFA Board?
Jim serves to help erase the lines of division drawn in the sand by DPLLC.  He hopes the DFA Board will be instrumental in the coming year to bring fairness and equity between the Franchisor and Franchisee.

» Which resources do you recommend Franchisees utilize to benefit their business?
Wizardline and Domino’s Talk


Tareq HishmehTareq Hishmeh
Executive Board Member

76-stores in Arizona & California
Term Expires:  May 2015

Tareq is one of the Partners in the Hishmeh family Franchisee organization who own and operate 75 stores throughout California and Arizona. He has been involved in Domino’s Pizza operations for over 20 years. After earning his law degree from Loyola Law School in 2004, Tareq’s primary focus has been in providing legal counsel and HR support to the Hishmeh organization and many other Domino’s Franchisees around the country.  Recently, Tareq’s role has changed to becoming the fulltime COO/GC of the Hishmeh’s recent acquisition of 22 stores in the Tucson AZ market.

» Why do you choose to serve on the DFA Board?
The DFA brings an opportunity of the franchisees to speak directly to the franchisor in a unified voice. There is no question in my mind of the importance of the organization.

» Which resources do you recommend Franchisees utilize to benefit their business?
As a former practicing attorney, I am a somewhat self-interested in this question. I would say every franchisee needs to have a good attorney who knows there business and what knows what keeps the franchisee up at night. This is not a solicitation since I am no longer practicing.


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Forum Representatives

Mack Patterson
38-stores in North Carolina

Mack started his career with Domino’s Pizza straight out of the University of North Carolina in 1979 eventually franchising in Champaign, Illinois in 1981. He returned to the Carolinas in 1989 when he “traded” stores in Illinois and Indiana for stores in Charlotte, North Carolina. He currently owns 36 stores.

Mack has served on numerous Domino’s franchise, corporate committees and boards in the past including the Standards Committee, the Marketing Committee, DMAC, the President’s Advisory Board and the People First Advisory Board. He served three terms as president of the Midwest Regional Franchise Advisory Board. He is a long time Member of both the DFA and the Forum and their predecessor groups.


Art HurteauArt Hurteau
13-stores in St. Louis

Art started working with Domino’s in 1977 and then franchised in 1981 with Marty Prather, his business partner for entire time. He is the recipient of 7 Silver and 3 Gold Frannys. Of the 12 stores he operates, he has 3 seasonal stores and has the highest AWUS in the 10+ store operator category of the Midwest/Big Ten region. Art is a member of Domino’s Franchisee Forum and the Missouri SCC Advisory Board. He previously served as a DFA board member from 1998-2002 and a President’s Council Member from 1986-1990.

His motto – Leadership is key!

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Board Appointed Member

Brian EdlerBrian Edler
9-stores in Ohio
Term Expires:  May 2015

Brian started with Domino’s Pizza as a delivery drive on his 18th birthday in 1983.  He quickly became a GM in December of 1983 and went on to franchise his first store on August 14, 1989 in Kenton, OH.  Brian currently owns 6 stores in Ohio and his AWESOME team has helped him get 2 Silver and 5 Gold Frannys.

Brian lives in Findlay, OH with his wife Jennifer of 24 years and have 3 kids – Kodie, MacKenzie and Kurtis.   Brian enjoys creating new things, traveling with his family, fishing, hunting, shooting, cycling and just about anything competitive.

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