The Board Structure

The DFA Board of Directors has fifteen (15) Board Members and structured by the following:

  1. Three (3) Members for each of the 4 Regions/Chapters – Midwest, Northeast, Southeast and West – for a total of 12.
  2. One (1) Board Member is elected from each Region each year. The standard term is 3 years with one position from each Region up for election every year.
  3. Two (2) Forum elected Board Members that are ratified by the DFA Board.
  4. One (1) At-large Board Member, which may be selected and filled by the Board of Directors. The term of this position will be 12 months.
  5. The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors is comprised of a Chairman, Co-chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. These positions are elected by Board Members at the January board meeting and serve a one (1) year term.
  6. There is no limit to the number of terms one person can serve.

Click here for a list of our current board with bios and contact information.


Expectations of Board Members

  1. Board members are expected to represent the voice of the DFA members in their Regions and help the DFA support the needs of its members system-wide. Board members need to be able to think about the “Big Picture” to ensure that the viewpoint of the majority of our members is represented to our Corporate leadership.
  2. All Board Members are instrumental in determining the priorities and goals for the Association and for setting a clear direction for its CEO to follow and implement.
  3. Generally, the DFA holds 2 board meetings per year, in January and September, and attendance is expected.
  4. A weekly conference call is held on Thursday mornings. The board-elected Executive Committee (chairman, co-chairman, treasurer and secretary) are expected to attend and the other board members are encourage to participate as often as possible.
  5. Board members are asked to represent the DFA at their local and regional meetings, as well as any national Domino’s meetings that they are attending.


The Election Process

  1. Three (3) months prior to a position’s term expiring, an email will be sent to all dues paying DFA Members within that particular Chapter. This email will invite Members to submit a written nomination a person they would like to nominate. All nominees must be current dues paying members.
  2. Nominations will be accepted for three (3) weeks. It is crucial that nominations are submitted in the manner in which the nominating party wants to be represented. Nominations are presented to the membership as received with no edits.
  3. During the nomination process, we encourage DMA Presidents to communicate and seek qualified candidates to be nominated for the Board. The DFA CEO will contact each nominee to discuss the scope of the position and to make sure they are committed to the position.
  4. After all nomination period has ended, an electronic voting ballot will be produced and sent to all dues paying Members. Each member within a Chapter will receive one ballot with their Chapters nominees to vote. Included on the election ballot will be the written nomination for all Members to review before casting their vote. There will be a two (2) week voting period.
  5. The following vote count structure exists: 1 store = 1 vote, 2 – 5 stores = 2 votes, 6 – 10 stores = 3 votes, 11 – 20 stores = 4 votes and 21+ stores = 5 votes. The nominee receiving the most vote in each Chapter will be the winner.
  6. At the end of the voting period, the winner will be notified and announced to the membership within three (3) days.
  7. After election, the new Board Member will go through a short orientation. The new Board Members’ contact information will be distributed to their Chapter’s DFA Members.
If you are interested in serving on the DFA Board or have any questions, please contact Ken Peebles.  More information can also be gained by reading the DFA By-laws.

The DFA is committed to listening to and effectively representing
the interests of Dues Paying Members.  Our No. 1 Priority is to
protect and increase the profitability of our Franchisees.


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