Organization Overview

The Domino’s Pizza Partners Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization affiliated with and supported by Domino’s Pizza and its team members. The Foundation was established in 1986, with the intent of helping team members in times of hardship and adversity. Assistance is provided in the form of financial help following on-the-job accidents, fire or natural disasters, medical emergencies or the death of an immediate family member.  Click here to see a list of Board of Trustees.

Quick Facts

  • Partners’ receives at least one request for help every 90 minutes of the work week.
  • In 2011, Partners received 1,500+ requests for assistance and, in-turn, provided over $850,000 in financial assistance.
  • Since its inception, the Foundation has provided just under $12 million dollars in financial support.
  • Partners’ provides assistance to team members worldwide; most recently in Australia, United Kingdom, and Turkey.
  • The Foundation is funded by donations from Domino’s team members via the payroll-deduction program, as well as through special events. As little as $1.00 a week from team members will make a significant difference in Partners’ ability to provide help.
  • All requests for assistance are confidential.
  • Medical and illness related issues (52% of total cases) are the main reasons team members ask for help; death and funerals (15%) are the second highest requests for financial aid.
  • For serious situations, such as fires or unforeseen deaths, monetary support can be expedited to the team member within 24 hours of the completion of case paperwork.
  • Team members applying for help must meet assistance criteria and provide adequate, faxed back-up documentation validating their current situation.
  • Partners Foundation is not able to assist with car repairs or maintenance issues (brakes, transmissions, new tires, etc).
  • Program participation is voluntary and Team Members do not have to contribute to receive help.
  • Partners is not an insurance or benefits program; assistance is a gift, is not guaranteed, and decisions are made based on various criteria. (Partners does not provide loans).
  • Team members needing help can contact Partners at 1-800-284-0911, option 2, or email

Partners Payroll-Deduction Program

Every Domino’s team member can contribute to the Partners Foundation.  To participate in the payroll-deduction program, a form is completed that allows you to choose your individual donation level. You can choose any amount, and the chosen amount is automatically deducted each pay period.

Your donation will provide critical financial assistance to Domino’s team members in need. Donations to the Domino’s Pizza Partners Foundation are tax-deductible. Program participation is voluntary and is not considered insurance, a benefit plan, or a loan; assistance is not guaranteed and decisions are made based on various criteria.

How to Apply for Assistance

Any Domino’s team member is eligible to apply for assistance, and you do not have to contribute to the Partners Foundation to be eligible to receive assistance.

The types of incidents that might qualify for assistance include on and off the job injury and accident, illness, death, natural disasters (fire, flood, earthquake, etc.), assault or robbery. Assistance may be given in situations involving either a team member and/or members of their family.

Click here to download the Enrollment Form.

Apply by phoneCall 734-930-3297 or 800-284-0911 (option 2) and your application information will be taken over the phone.

Apply by fax:  Fax your request to 800-253-8182 and a Case Manager will contact you by phone to review your application.

How is Financial Assistance Given?

A Case Manager and the Foundation Director review each application for financial assistance against established Foundation standards. Supervisors may be contacted during this time to verify employment; otherwise, all requests to the Partners Foundation remain confidential. Decisions are usually communicated to applying individuals within 48 hours. When approved, financial assistance is given in the form of a check to pay one or more outstanding bills of the team member. The Partners Foundation mails the check (made out to the creditor) directly to the team member, and they are responsible for making the payment. Financial assistance is never awarded in the form of cash directly to the applying team member.

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