What We Offer

“What’s in it for me?” Participation in the DFA will be one of your most profitable business investments. The cost to join is only $200 per store, per year. That’s just 55 cents per day!

The DFA is highly recognized throughout the restaurant franchise community as being one of the most solid, reputable, well-organized associations in the industry. The DFA offers more to its members than any other association of its kind. Below is a list of the benefits of becoming a Franchisee Member.


Since the dawn of the Internet, information has been made readily available. While there might be a plethora of it, digging it out is a challenge, in of itself. That’s where the DFA steps in. The DFA offers a fast pass to breaking news or latest developments in the industry, without all the clutter. From legal and legislative updates to the latest on our competition, we have access, tools and information – a one-stop shop, accessible exclusively to members.


Sharing best practices, meeting fellow franchisees and focusing on issues that matter most are what networking is all about. Our Franchisees enjoy connecting at regional and national DFA meetings, sharing best practices on the discussion boards and working together to maintain the No. 1 Brand in the world and in every neighborhood.


Franchise owners, as a class, are the largest investors in the franchise industry. However, Franchisees also have the weakest voice with legislators, regulators, and leaders in the industry. The goal of Franchisee Advocacy is to assist Franchisees in gaining a stronger voice on Capitol Hill or the halls of the World Resource Center.


The pace of the world has evolved. With technology, the expectation of being able to access something at any time throughout the day is commonplace. Being that professional development is one of the top reasons people join associations, it is of dire importance that we offer education and training sessions in forms other than offsite lunches and annual meetings. Through communications, webinars, classes and presentations, we strive to professionally develop our members and equip franchisees and their employees. By growing as individuals, our franchises collectively strengthen Domino’s.

Exclusive Member Services

DFA members are eligible for a variety of programs and services designed to preserve and enhance the assets of Domino’s Franchisees. We aggressively examine and develop services to save our members time, increase productivity and contribute to their bottom line. Our portfolio of Vendor and service Partners are carefully selected and vetted to bring value to your organization.

Thank you, Vendor Partners!